Friends of Wallace Kennels - Registered Charity No: 1019306     Last Update: 12st March 2018


The Wallace Kennels, located at Clapgate, Stondon Massey, Essex, was established by Vera Robinson in 1975 initially as a boarding kennels, with a single block being allocated for unwanted dogs. Over time it became obvious that there was a severe problem finding a place of refuge for the stray, unwanted and abandoned animals of Brentwood and the surrounding areas. By 1983 Vera had decided to turn the Kennels into a sanctuary and rescue centre for all animals in need, including wildlife, with dogs being the major concern. Sadly Vera Robinson, MBE passed away on 1st August 2010; the kennels are now run by Vera’s son Mark and his wife Dee.

Today the catchment area covers some 500 square miles. Dog wardens from Brentwood and Chelmsford Borough Councils bring in dogs on an almost daily basis and we have also helped (and still help if we can) Dagenham, Maldon, Colchester and parts of Suffolk. The Authorities generally pay for one week’s board per dog; thereafter, apart from any rehoming fees, it is left to public donations and the volunteers of the registered charity ‘Friends of Wallace Kennels’ to fund the ongoing expenses of staff wages, shelter, food, veterinary bills, bedding, heating, lighting etc. The kennels does not benefit in any way from the dog seizure fee levied on owners when their dog is allowed to stray.

The kennels’ staff may have to feed, clean and medicate for up to 30 – 40 dogs a day, along with the occasional horse, donkey, cat, rabbit and any other animal that may be brought in. The policy is never to put an animal down unless it is really necessary.

Rehoming of the dogs comes in various guises - to individual families, agility teams or to bodies such as the Police, and the Prison and Armed Services. Some dogs may be accepted by breed-specific rescue centres whilst some cannot be rehomed due to their temperament or physical disabilities. Those that cannot be rehomed will, where possible, continue to live at the Kennels.

The Friends of Wallace Kennels has a small committee which sets up food and blanket collection points and holds fundraising events such as jumble sales; street collections; a sponsored dog walk; bric-a-brac stalls at events and dog shows.

If you would like any further information, please refer to our Contact page where a full list of our representatives will be found.

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